Alexander is one of the many Spartan super soldiers who have allied with Light Source
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Recon Mantra: Hit First, Hit Fast, Hit Strong, Hit Last

Main LifeEdit

He was conscripted into service at age 6, by the UNSC, or more specificlly ONI, under the project codename: Spartan-II. Throughout his first years he demonstrated an ability to disappear, almost into thin air, and return always with a succesful mission. For this reason, he was brought into the Recon project. Its purpose, to create the ultimate assasins, capable in all fields, but specializing in stealth, speed and silence. He advanced fast through the program, even when his comrades died in the augmentations at age 16. He remains a deadly force, though one of the few left in Recon.


Alexander has been present at:

  • The Battle of Harvest
  • The Battle of Sigma Octanous
  • The Battle of Arcadia
  • The Battle of Reach

Armor and EquipmentEdit

My Skill set includes Edit

  • Sharpshooting
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Swordsmanship
  • Demolitions
  • Speed
  • Stealth
  • Assasination
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    Alexander performing an assasination


My WeaponsEdit

  • DMR rifle: Equiped with a possible lazer target, extra mags and silencer
  • Magnum Pistol: With extra large scope and higher damage capabilities
  • Assult Rifle: Contains Shredder rounds
  • Machete: In the place of a standard combat knife, Alexander has a Machete strapped to his back, reinforced with titanium, it can combat an energy sword but only for short periods or it will break

My ArmorEdit

  • Recon Helmet: Standard recon helmet equiped with night vision, Thermal vision, Comm link and reinforced to take bigger blows
  • Recon Chest plate
  • Multi-Threat Shoulder Plate
  • Multi-Threat Shoulder plate

Reason for joining Light SourceEdit

He joined up to help finish the battle against evil with his fellow spartans

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