Fal battling giant hunters

Fal is a sangheili army general, and former husband to Han, who unfortuantly was murdered by assassins. As well as being a general, he also held the rank of arbiter. Fal has a very strong sense of honor.

Role in the Light SourceEdit

Fal is an extremely skilled swordsman. He regularly trains with his dual energy swords. Fal is also willing to train the other members of the Light Source.

Fal is an extremely feirce warrior, showing no signs of fear even in the face of overwhelming opponents. Fal can decimate entire armies with just his two blades.

Fal in battle with his two energy swords

Armor and weaponsEdit

Fal always uses his two energy swords, the latter of which he is hightly proficent with. In battle, he wears his golden arbiter armor. In his armor, Fal's facial features are shrouded by parts of his helmet, giving him a ghostly apperance in battle; sometimes he has been known to move so fast as to looking like a golden blur to his enemies.


Fals golden arbiter armor, along with sword

Reasons for joiningEdit

Fal joined because he wishes to seek vengance on his wife's murderers, The Covenant; beleiving that his fellow sangheili have been blinded by lies and have forgotten about honor. Fal is the only sangheili allied with the Light Source.