Jack and his Silver Aura

Jack and his Silver Aura


Jack first came to the human world after gaining the power of his aura. Unfortunately, he had to leave his friends at Wigglytuff's Guild behind. At first, He came the The Light Source to find a home. But, when he realized what he could do to help them, he bacame a full time member. He is now living with Merlin as his familiar, hoping that Archimedies won't get jealous.

Reasons for Joining The GroupEdit

Jack joined the group for three reasons, for a home, to find recruits for Team Toontown, and to face Myotismon (a member of The Final Words and his greatest fear.)

Hopeful FutureEdit

Jack hopes that, someday, one the famous Disney heroes will ask to be his partner when he evolves into a Lucario. He also wishes to earn the love of Gardevoir of Team Charm.