Steamboat Oswald by TaRtOoN Man94

Oswald in a costume borrowed from his brother, Mickey Mouse


Oswald was a silent cartoon star during the silent era, until he was stolen from his creator, Walt Disney, by Universal. After his popularity shrank, he was picked up by Yen-Sid, who created The Cartoon Wasteland as a home for Oswald and all the other rejects of animation to come. Recently, The Cartoon Wasteland went through an inter-dimensional connection with The Digital World. During this time, Oswald fell in love with a digimon named Gatomon. But, a digimon named Wizardmon wiped out all of Gatomon memories of Oswald when Oswald left to fight The Blot Wars, which are now chronicled in Epic Mickey. Oswald swore vengence on Wizardmon and went to The Light Source to train for his revenge.

Reasons for Joining Light SourceEdit

At first, he merely wished to train for a fight against his long-time enemy, Wizardmon, for the love of his girlfriend, Gatomon. But, The Light Source's noble cause inspired Oswald, so he decided to become a full time member.

The Palace of DreamsEdit

Inspired by Merlin, Oswald decided to create a new division of Light Source called The Palace of Dreams. It's purpose was to defeat a divisoin of the Final Words known as The Court of Demons, led by Myotismon.

Gatomon's KidnappingEdit

On Seotember 18th, 2010, Gatomon was kidnapped by Myotismlon. When Oswald came to rescue her, a member of The Final Words tried to kill him. But, Gatomon appeared and used the combinded power of her love for Oswald and her half of their Disney Magic to digivolve into Angewomon. When she tried to attack, she was killed by the vile feind. Then, he decapitated Oswald. Luckily, the power of true love ressurected Oswald and Gatomon. transforming them into beings of pure light. They let out a huge blast of magic, obliterating most of the villains involved in the battle happening in the background. With Gatomon saaved, the couple went home, where they finally had some time alone together.
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Oswald's best girl, Gatomon