Riku Default

Origin Edit

Riku grew up on Destiny Islands with his two friends Kairi and Sora . When a strange darkness came and took over the island Riku and Sora were seperated . Riku was found by Malificent who persuaded him to become an agent of the darkness . He did and was soon turned into a puppet by the Heartless Xehanort . With the help of Sora he counquered Xehanort and helped Sora and King Mickey lock away the door to darkness . He then set off on a journey with the king to save the world . He snuck around before finaling helping Sora defeat Xemnas for good . Riku also became a master of a keyblade shortly after the events up Chain of Memories .

Reasons for Joining Light SourceEdit

Riku knows first hand what darkness can do to a person . He joined along with Sora to prevent the darkness to gain complete control . Riku knows that it isn't the darkness that is the true evil its the fiends lurking in it .

Antics Within the GroupEdit

Riku is typically quiet but kind and well recieved by most of the members . He shows immense respect for King MIckey and his best friend Sora .