The fifteen year-old protagonist of the story, Rin Okumura ( 奥村 燐, Okumura Rin ) is the son of Satan (as well as the inheritor of his powers) born from a human woman He is also the older twin between him and Yukio.


Before going to the True Cross Academy, Rin is often seen wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of skinny, dark jeans with chains on the side, giving the impression of rebellion. He is also seen wearing a white jacket with big pockets and various decorations on it and a pair of gloves. Because of how often he got into fights, Rin was seen with bandaids over his cheeks and fingers, which were usually taken care of by his younger brother, Yukio.

While in True Cross Academy, Rin wears a white shirt, with a perfect necktie -as Mephisto pointed out- and a dark jacket over it, along with dark pants. He is also seen carrying around Koumaken, as he told Bon, Shima and Konekomaru that he would aim for becoming a Knight. Though when he was asked why he is always carrying the sword around, he refused to give a proper explanation.

While in his human form, Rin exhibits a number of physical traits that are signs of his demonic nature, such as sharper-looking teeth, slightly pointed ears, and a black, fur-tufted tail (which he keeps hidden in his shirt). As a demon, Rin gains two horns as blue flames that float above his head, long, elf-like ears, and his pupils turn red while his irises remain bright blue. The blue flames also blaze around other places of his body including his tail (mostly at the tip).

His physical appearance is that of black hair (in the anime, it has a blue hue), which is a bit longer than that of his younger brother. His height is 173 cm (5' 8") and appears to be quite fit. In class, he is sometimes seen with his bangs pinned up so he can read his studies.


Rin has a protective and supportive personality. Rin can be very violent and get into fights (possibly caused by his demon side) but really has a kind heart. He supports his friends and tries to encourage and help them. He also seems very protective of his younger brother Yukio and aims to surpass him one day. Rin is clueless at times such as saying phrases wrong or thinking that a demon squid's fins are ears. Despite this, he is able to connect with someone's feelings to his own, such as Shiemi's grief over her grandmother and Suguro's ambition to defeat Satan. He's not the type of person for school or studying, though he was able to gain a junior high diploma and become an Exwire. Rin reading a dramatic manga. Unlike his brother, Rin is less mature. He is headstrong (literally as well as figuratively, as he was able to stop a charging demon by directly headbutting it in the forehead) and is often very open with his friends. However, he doesn't tell them about his demon heritage. Doing so would cause problems with many people as he is the Son of Satan who caused the "blue night". When his friends find out they become afraid of him (thinking he is unstable which could lead to a disaster) however they slowly get use to it in the Kyoto Arc.

He seems to have a small soft-spot for animals. In the beginning of the manga, the reason he had gotten into a fight was because he was stopping some punks who were cutting the legs off of pidgeons (they were shooting the pidgeons with a crossbow in the anime). He is also able to connect with Ukobach and Kuro, even to the point when he can understand what they're saying, despite the fact that no one else can (though that is because he is half-demon).


Rin as a child.His powers were sealed at birth into the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, or Koumaken, by Shirō Fujimoto, allowing him to live a normal human life until he found out at age 15. Rin lead a normal life of a child but his strength seemed unnatural so all the children and even teachers feared him and thought of him as a demon. He got into fights often and injured all his classmates. The only one who would stop him was Father Shirō Fujimoto. He always admired Father and wanted to become like him when he grew up. Rin always protected Yukio from bullies. He would always encourage him to chase his dream.

Rin became aware of his true identity after Kurikara could no longer seal the blue flames he inherited from Satan, setting a chain of events that led to the death of his guardian, Father and Exorcist Fujimoto Shirou, at the hands of Satan who attempted to drag Rin back to the demon realm. Exorcist Mephisto Pheles confronted Rin after Shiro's funeral with several exorcists, giving Rin the option to kill them all or die. Rin instead demanded to become an exorcist, an idea that amused Mephisto. Rin was then enrolled personally by Mephisto into the True Cross Academy Exorcist School, and since been pursuing his goal to become a Paladin and to defeat Satan. He is currently an Esquire and attempting to gain the title of Meister as a Knight.


Beginning arcEdit

While Rin was on his way home, he notices a group of boys shooting pigeons for their entertainment. They said that the pigeons were annoying. Rin annoyed by this, punches their boss and gets into a fight. Father Fujimoto knows that Rin is lying.When he gets home, he and Father Fujimoto were talking as to why Rin had all those bruises on him. Rin said that it was because he fell on the stairs but Father Fujimoto immediately notices that Rin was in a fight. Then he said that Rin was fired from his job for not coming back to the shop after completing a delivery. Rin then complains that someone like him could not have a decent job, but Father Fujimoto reminds him that some day he would have to make a living on his own. Then Yukio enters the church to tell Father Fujimoto that he finished the preparations for moving. The other Exorcists that were cleaning the windows commented that even thought Rin and Yukio are twins, they are totally different. Yukio is the smart one with all the best grades, while Rin was a troublemaker. Angered by this Rin used some of his flames on the heater. Yukio treating Rin's wounds.While Father Fujimoto was with his guest, Yukio treated Rin's wounds. They talked about Yukio moving to the True Cross Academy and that this is the last time Yukio would treat Rin's wounds. Then Yukio said that he would help him anytime, once he becomes a doctor. Rin then encourages Yukio, believing that he would become a doctor. Yukio however is worried, if Rin would be alright without him around. Yukio then explains to Rin how every one is worried about him being in the fights all the time and getting fired from all of his jobs. Rin then admits that he is also worried about this and that he wasn't doing anything wrong. Then some Exorcists entered the room. They said that they found a job for Rin. They even let Rin wear a suit. Father tying Rin's tie.On his way for the job interview, Rin sees Father Fujimoto consulting a child. He then said that being a Exorcist must be hard with having to get rid of things that don't even exist. Father disagrees and claims that demons do exist, in our hearts. He then asks Rin why he was wearing the suit. Rin then said that everyone insisted on him going to the job interview, so he borrowed it. Father then noticed that he didn't have a necktie because he didn't know how to tie it. Rin will prove Father wrong.So he said that he would tie it for him. He comments that even thought Rin has grown physically, he is still the same. Rin then said that Father was embarrassing him. Father then said that if it was that embarrassing, Rin should show him how much he's grown. Rin then states that he'll prove to him that he can do it by himself. And goofing up. Later, Rin was interviewed on his new job. He has to pass a test to see if he can work there. The boss gives him a lot of difficult tasks he has to complete. These tasks would take a lot of time for a normal person to complete but Rin finished them in a second. However, he wasn't doing very good. His boss would get caught up in every incident. With his hopes down, Rin thought that he really can't get the job. Then one of the other workers asked Rin to try a horrible food. Rin than volunteers to try and make the food edible. Once he finished the cooking, a crowd of people came for the food he made. Out of the horrible food, he made the best tasting meal. When the boss tried it, she was amazed and immediately accepted Rin to work in the supermarket. Rin chasing the Monkey like creature.Rin excited about this called Yukio to tell them about his success of finally finding a job. Everyone was happy about this even to the point they would have tears on them. Father Fujimoto then reminds Rin that he should hurry home because they will have Yukio's farewell party. After Rin finished his phone call, he sees a little girl chasing after her scarf. He catches it for her and realizes that it was the same girl that visited the church earlier. He suddenly sees a monkey like creature on the scarf. The creature took the scarf and run off. Rin went after it. He then chased the creature around the supermarket wondering what it might be. Then the creature suddenly went on top of some boxes which were going to fall on the girl. Rin protected her from them, but the girl fell unconscious. Yukio asks Rin what is wrong.Father Fujimoto, Yukio and the others were waiting for Rin to come home to celebrate, but Rin was nowhere to be seen. Worried Yukio went outside to look for him. He found Rin in the park. He asked Rin why he didn't come home. Rin then said that he was too ashamed to come home after he was fired from the job. Yukio then asked why he got fired but Rin himself didn't know what happened. Then the both of them went home.

In front of their house, Rin meets the girl that got attacked at the store. her name was Yui. Her father thanks Rin for saving her. He then states that Yui was always careless, but Rin said that she is not. Rin then said that she was being bullied by some creature. Rin explains what happened.The father thought that there was some bully in the school but Yui then says that the bully isn't human but some evil ghost.The father still didn't believe her and said that Yui had a wild imagination. Rin then said that he should believe her. He said that the parents are there to support their child and that the child should always depend on their parents. Father Fujimoto then stops Rin and gives Yui a four-leaf clover to protect her from creatures. When Yui and her father left, Father said to Rin that it was a thousand years too early for him to scold others and that he wasn't allowed to go outside for a while because of all the equipment he destroyed at the supermarket. Rin sees little creatures.The next day when Rin wakes up, he sees a letter from Yukio saying that he had to leave earlier. When Rin opens the curtains he sees a lot of small creatures floating in the air. He went to look outside and wonders why no one notices the creatures except Rin. Then suddenly, the guy who was shooting the pigeons appears and asks Rin if he has some time. Rin went and listened to him talking about him being sorry for the other day and if Rin could not mention what happened that day. He even offered Rin some money.

Rin then said that he wouldn't talk about it and that he didn't need the money. The guy then said that Rin should accept the money because his family is poor and that Yukio got into the True Cross Academy only for his grades.

Rin angered by this punches him and says that he can badmouth him as much as he wants but not Yukio. The guy then suddenly started growing horns and a tail. Rin then realized that he wasn't human. The other boys in his group were holding Rin down while the guy wanted to burn Rin. Suddenly, blue flames started burning off Rin. Rin was surprised by this. Then the guy said that these blue flames were the proof of Satan's offspring. He then introduces himself as Astaroth and tells Rin that they should go, as Lord Satan awaits him.

Suddenly, Father Fujimoto appears and exorcised the demon. Then he explains that there are two worlds. One is Assiah in which the humans live and the other Gehhena in which the demons live. He also explained that Rin is the son of Satan born of a human. The Demon came to bring Rin to Satan.While on their way home, many demons showed up and attacked them. Fujimoto explained that this was because they wanted to bring Rin to Satan. When they finally arrived home, Father Fujimoto had many of protections from demons prepared. He also gave Rin the sword Kurikara, which was used to seal his demonic powers. Then the demons started attacking the church, including Astaroth. The Exorcist and the demons fought each other but it ended in the Exorcists victory. Rin using his powers for the first time.After the battle, Rin asked Fujimoto if he just wanted to get rid of him. He thought that Fujimoto was pretending to be his father. With this Fujimoto slapped him and told him to pack his things. Then suddenly, Fujimoto got possessed by Satan who came to drag Rin to Gehenna. He opened the Gehenna gate, but Fujimoto took control of his body. With Rin and Fujimoto in the Gehenna gate, Rin had no choice but to draw out his sword, which returned his demonic powers. After he attacked the Gehenna gate, it closed leaving Rin and Fujimoto in Assiah. Mephisto laughing at Rin's idea. After Father Fujimoto's funeral Rin stayed behind at his grave. When he was about to call a phone number of Father Fujimoto's friend, a phone near Rin rang. To his surprise he saw a lot of Exorcists surrounding him with Mephisto Pheles. Mephisto gave Rin three choices of either him killing himself, them killing Rin or Rin commiting suicide. But Rin choose neither of those and instead choose to become an Exorcist claiming that he didn't want anyone else to die. Hearing this, Mephisto laughed and accepted Rin's idea.

True Cross Academy ArcEdit

Rin can't find his classroom.The next day, Mephisto came for Rin in his car. Along with Yukio who was going to the True Cross Academy as well. While they were travelling in the car Rin was wondering if Yukio would ask him anything about Father Fujimoto. But to RIn's surprise he didn't. When they finally arrived at the Academy, Rin took a tour around the Academy. He was also surprised to see Yukio giving a speech in front of everyone. He was glad to see Yukio full filling his dream of becoming a doctor. After wondering around the Academy Rin met a strange dog who told Rin to follow him. Rin did so only to fing that the dog was a transformed Mephisto. Mephisto gave RIn one rule and that was that his identity as the son of Satan was to be kept secret. Yukio pointing a gun at Rin.With that said Mephisto gave Rin a key to enter the school for Exorcists. There Rin meet his classmates and learned of the demon disease which all of the Exorcists must have. Then to Rin's surprise Yukio entered the room introducing himself as a teacher. Rin shocked by this questioned Yukio in front of the whole class. When the whole class went outside Yukio and Rin were arguing as to why Yukio was an Exorcist. Yukio then replied that he could see demons since he was born. He also told RIn that he was the only one that didn't know the truth. While arguing Rin dropped a Hobgobling luring liquid. Rin took out his sword.The Hobgoblins started attacking them. While they were fighting them Rin was aking Yukio different kind of questions. Yukio then said that it was Rin's fault that Fujimoto died. Yukio then pointed a gun at Rin hesitating to pull the trigger, but then Rin said that he wouldn't dare point a weapon at his own brother. After the fight Yukio asked Rin of how were Fathers final moments, Rin then answered that he was damn cool. After this, Rin and Yukio went to their rooms. Only to Rin's surprise to find himself sharing one room with Yukio. Yukio then said that he would need to keep watch over Rin. Rin then accepted Yukio's challenge. Rin and Shiemi in the garden.The next day, Rin woke up reading Yukio's manga. When Yukio saw him he commented that if he really wanted to become an Exorcist, then he should study more. Yukio then said that he would go to do a request, and also shopping. Rin then said that it would be better for him to learn in practice with Yukio. Rin and Yukio then went together to the Exorcists shop. There while Yukio is inside the shop, Rin meets Shiemi. At first she thought that he was a demon, since he destroyed the gate against demons. Rin and Shiemi begin to know each other a little, with Rin helping her with her flowers. Then Yukio and Shiemi's mother came. She asked Yukio to examine Shiemi's legs which were infected by a demon. Shiemi then suddenly collapses. Rin trying to attack the demon plant.After bringing Shiemi back to her grand-mothers room, Rin and Yukio went with Shiemi's mother. She told then that Shiemi spent all her time with her grand-mother since she was always working. Saddened by this, Rin went to see Shiemi. He found her in the garden planting trees. He told her that her grand-mother never wanted Shiemi to be a prisoner of the garden. Shiemi then finally realized that what she has been doing was wrong. Interrupting the speech, Yukio told Shiemi that they will exorcise the demon. Angered by this the plant demon appeared. Yukio asked Rin for help.

Be the cause of Yukio always saying that Rin would never surpass him (and is ironicly asking for help)Rin started to tease him. But soon after, he took out his sword and started attacking the demon plant. However, the demon was using Shiemi as a shield, but Yukio shot a special bullet, letting Rin kill the demon. After the battle was over, Shiemi and her mother made up. Rin and Shiemi in the class.The next morning, Rin sees Shiemi introduced as a new student in his class. She thanked Rin for helping her. She also said that she came to see Yukio as a teacher, which made Rin a little down.

Some days after Shiemi's enrolment, Rin wakes up from a dream during class. Being scowled by the teacher, Suguro Ryuji (nicknamed 'Bon') called him lame. Rin glances at him (actually admiring his appearance) and then tries to act cool while Yukio hands out their test results. Rin had 2/100 correct while Bon had 98/100, and for the second time, Bon criticizes Rin. They get into a verbial fight but was interuppted when Shima, Konekomaru and Yukio held them back. Rin VS Bon.It was then breaktime.During their P.E. session, Rin was to play Bon against a game of who was the last one standing in an arena of enormous, aggressive frog-like demons.(who can read a human's desire by looking into their mind from the eye) Rin was more agile and fast than Bon, to his fury, Bon kicked Rin making himself the 'last one standing'. When watching Shiemi's match with Izumo, Shima and Konekomaru told Rin about the dark past Bon had possesed and that his goal was to 'kick Satan's ass'. After some time, Bon knew that Shima and Konekomaru had spat out his 'secret'. Bon snaps and then asks Rin to challenge him to who can touch the demon on the head. Rin gives out a stern face but it turns comical as he tells Bon that he wasn't so cretinous that he'd risk his life like that because he's got a goal to achieve. Rin talks to the demon. That got Bon, so he went down to the demon himself to proof he was brave enough. But the demon was about to bite him. Rin quickly jumps in front of Bon and took the demon's attack for him, Rin looks the creature in the eye and told it to let go. Rin VS Bon again...Bon was then saved but they got into a verbal fight again.

Afterwards, Yukio finds Shiemi and Rin studying, which Yukio thought was an omen. Rin tries to read but thinks of cutting his bangs since they are in the way. Then, Bon comes which Rin assumes he is gonna mock him. However, Bon thanks Rin for saving him and loans him a hair clip to put up his hair. Rin is surprised and thinks its creepy and an omen which annoys Bon.

The new day begins with the bells ringing and students running out of school straight A fight for food is about to begin at the store, Rin being seen among the crowd, wondering if he was too late. He then ran towards the store to grab the last remaining sandwich, though to his bad luck, he and Bon reached for it at the same time. Rin was surprised and called him "Suguro", as then as awkward as it could get, he and Shima made an idle conversation for a few seconds, then resumed to his argument with Bon, claiming that it was his yakisoba bread, while Bon claimed that he grabbed it first. Shima and Konekomaru tried to calm Bon down, Konekomaru saying that he wasn't a child anymore. Rin was seen befriending Konekomaru afterwards.

While Yukio is being chased by some girls, he spots his brother not too far and rushes towards him, dragging him back in the school. Then Rin starts to question about the feasts that were around them, being to drawn away by the delicious food to even listen to his brother anymore. However he is told by Yukio that if he wants anything he needs to buy tickets, which were extremely expensive. So, both of them go to Mephisto's office to ask him to lower the prices, but Rin was immediately refused. When they walk down to halls, Yukio explains to Rin that he obtains money from working as an Exorcist, in return being called a 'traitor' by Rin. Yukio takes Rin to a supermarket where he buys ingredients, telling Rin that he could cook his food at the place they were staying at.

Training Camp ArcEdit

Shura confiscates the Kurikara for the time being and summer break begins. The normal students leave but the Exwires take a three-day training camp. They set up camp where Rin enjoys his time with his friends. Yukio assigns them a solo mission to go after three lanterns in three days but warns that demons will come out at night. Shura also warns Rin not to let out his flames for it may be seeable at night. The mission begins where the group are attacked by demon moths. Suguro, Konekomaru, and Shima are able to protect themselves and Izumo uses her familiars. Shiemi plans to use Nii-chan for help but one of the moths rips her circle and Nii-chan disappears. That is when a large moth (probably its leader and guardian of the forest) appears in front of her. Rin hears Shiemi's screams and goes after her, finding her being attacked by the insects. Rin unleashes his flames.When he sees her bleeding, Rin lets out his blue flames incinerating the moths. But the surviving sees they are Satan's flames and fly off to tell their boss. Rin calms himself down and tries to wake up Shiemi when Suguro appears,asking what the blue light was. Rin's flames were very bright so it was hard for Suguro to see. Shima appears, letting out his fear of bugs when the two get a text message from Konekomaru that he found a lantern.They go to the depths of the forest together and find it's a Peg Lantern, a type of demon that wakes up when lit and likes to consume people into its fire, especially woman. Rin pulls the Lantern.Since it was large, the group realize the mission requires cooperation. Konekomaru devises a plan involving the five with Rin pulling the lantern, Shiemi feeding it so its flame won't go out, and the three aria deflecting themselves from the moths. Rin stops, where the group is in front of a bug swamp with a broken bridge. Suguro has an idea to have the Peg Lantern cross the swamp. Rin carries Shiemi and Suguro awakes the Lantern. Seeing Shiemi, it goes after her. When it crosses, Shima and Konekomaru at the other side seals the demon. Everything went okay until Rin is attacked by the giant moth. Rin tells them to leave but Suguro saves him by sealing the moth. They run off with the Peg Lantern as Suguro tells Rin he helped as Rin helped Suguro get over his embarrassment of saying he'll defeat Satan. He, Shima, Konekomaru, and Shiemi tell Rin that they are his allies and will be there for him. Rin is glad but starts to think what happens if they find out he's Satan's son.

The group arrives to find Takura and Izumo arrive first. Then, Amaimon arrives and unleashes his pet Gobin, Behemoth. Seeing the students in danger, Shura protects the site with a magic circle and dump holy water on them (except Rin). Shura suggests that Rin should fight Amaimon and gives him the Kurikara. Rin is unsure when Shiemi walks out of the circle. There is a bug inside Shiemi controlling her and Amaiman kidnaps her. Rin goes after her and Suguro, Shima, and Konekomaru follow with flares. Amaimon tries to provoke Rin into using his sword by making Shiemi his bride or threatening to pluck out her eyes. The three monks-in-training intervene where Konekomaru accidentally puffs up Amaimon's hornlike hair. This provokes Amaimon by hitting Shima and breaking Konekomaru's arm. He strangles Suguro who tells Rin why he is acting weird and goes off on his own. Seeing his allies in danger, Rin decides to uses his flames as an act of kindness and fights Amaimon. They go into a heated battle where Yukio find the group injured and head them out of the forest to safety. Meanwhile, Mephisto watches. Rin's flames start to increase as he fights Amaimon. He is about to slice him but Amaimon stops the blade. Rin lost control over his flames.He recognizes that Rin's flames are as powerful as Father's (which is probably Satan). As Amaimon attempts to prevent the blade from himself, the Kurikara starts to break. Then, Rin lets out a roar of flames that instantly defeat Amaimon. Mephisto claps, seeing that Amaimon has done well and surprised Rin is able to defeat him at this level. Then, he imprisons Amaimon into a large cuckoo clock only for Rin to slice and destroy it. Mephisto is startled by this. Rin's flames are increasing and consuming him as Rin becomes more violent and beast-like. The cracks at the base of the Kurikara starts to break down. This is where the Anime and Manga separates.

From this moment and on, the Kurikara can no longer sustain Rin's power and he goes beserk, starting a forest fire. His sword rebounds and hits him with a blast toward his classmates. Rin gets up, not recoginizing him as his allies and Shura and Yukio are forced to fight him. However, Shiemi runs and embraces Rin, which he recognizes her and powers down. Due to his fight with Amaimon, he faints from exhaustion. He is captured by the new Paladin, Arthur Auguste Angel, for a discipiny hearing against Mephisto.

Mephisto Trial arcEdit

Rin imprisoned in crystal.The Grogori imprison Rin in a large crystal and Mephisto is questioned for his betrayal. Mephisto states he intends to make Rin a weapon for the Vatican against Satan. The hearing is interupted by a earthquake by Amaimon, still alive, but wanting to fight Rin one more. Shura and Angel hold him off but are defeated. Amaimon reaches the hearing and grabs ahold of Rin. Soon, his classmates and Yukio (who were fixing the Kurikara) arrive and give the demon slaying sword to Rin. His demon heart within the sword, Rin awakens and quickly slays Amaimon's vessel. Again, he collapses but is able to beat the demon. The Grogori decide Rin will be spared but must pass the Exorcist exam or be executed. Same goes if his flames go out of control again.

Filler arcEdit

Regaining possession of Kurikara, Rin sees his classmates where Konekomaru fears him because of his hertitage. A pipe collapses releasing Coal Tar and attacking Shiemi. Rin saves Shiemi using his flames which do not harm her. But Bon does not want Rin to use his flames as Satan's fire killed powerful exorcists during the Blue Night including Bon and Shima's family and Konekomaru's parents. Rin is taken by Yukio for special training by Shura. Shura decides Rin should control and manipulate his flames by lighting two candles, explaining Rin was easily consumed for he is afraid of his power. Rin practices but fails, accidentally burning Yukio and Shura's clothes off, but not noticing an unusual mark on Yukio when Yukio puts on his coat.

The next day, Rin continues trying to manipulate his fires when Izumo arrives. She explains Rin's situation as it happened to her with her familiars and encourages Rin, saying there are others like him related to demon by blood who are also exorcist. Soon, they are confronted by a dark demon. The demon, late revealed to be named Gale, attacks them. It shoots Rin with knife-like feathers and tackles him through the door. Just as it is about to try and finish him off, Yukio arrives and shoots it, forcing it to release Rin and flee out the window. Later, after RIn and Izumo finish cleaning up after the attack, Mephisto comes and explains the situation. While the others are assigned to check the barriers, Rin is forced to stay put and continue with his candle training.

Frustrated with his lack of success, Rin tries to convince Yukio to have them both go out and search for Gale. Yukio refuses and angrily reminds Rin that he has little time to be goofing around as the Exorcist exam draws near. Yukio, after experiencing a quick moment of pain, excuses himself to use the restroom, leaving Rin alone. Rin uses this opportunity to try and sneak out to hunt for Gale, but is interrupted when someone enters the class. Rin falls from the window he is attempting to climb, denying that he was trying to escape. He stops this, however, when he realizes it is only Konekomaru.

He begins to tell Konekomaru not to scare him like that, only to stop when he sees Gale on Konekomaru's shoulder. Off-screen, he draws his sword and tries to attack Gale. However, this is mistaken as an unprovoked attack on Konekomaru by Bon, Shima, and Yukio, as it seems they cannot see Gale. Rin tries to slash Gale, only to be stopped by Bon using Shima's staff, and Yukio aiming a gun at him. When Rin tries to point out Gale to them all, he realizes that Gale isn't there. They all lower their weapons, but Rin sees Gale on Konekomaru again and tries to blast it with fire. Fortunately, Bon manages to tackle Konekomaru and saves him from being burned, at the small cost of getting the back of his shirt burned.

When Rin tries to see if Konekomaru is alright, Yukio pushes him to the wall and yells at him to ask what he was thinking. Bon then punches Rin in the face and tells him that he warned him that he would not forgive Rin if he hurt any of his friends. Rin sheaths his sword and leaves with his head hung.

Later, he is lying on a rooftop, thinking about the day, when he is attacked by Konekomaru, who has beeen possessed by Gale. Konekomaru knocks him off the roof and creates a wind barrier to prevent Bon, Shima, and Yukio from interfering. As Konekomaru tries to kill Rin, Bon yells at him to stop, as he is turning into a demon himself. Gale loses a bit of his hold on Konekomaru, who hears what Bon is saying. Rin, who was in Konekomaru/Gales' claw at the time, covers himself with flames, forcing Konekomaru to release him. He tells him that he's not the son of Satan because he wants to be, and that if Konekomaru is scared, he should go to any of his friends for help. Rin kills Gale, realizing what he is doing is wrong, Konekomaru begins to fall from Gale. Gale, realizing that its host is rejecting it and not wanting to lose Konekomaru, begins to take off. Rin draws his sword and tells Konekomaru to trust him and jump. Konekomaru does; and Rin jumps, catches him, destroys Gale with a single slice from his sword, and collapses back on the ground. Yukio asks if he's alright while Rin sheats his sword, and Konekomaru tearfully apologizes for what he has done.

The next day, as Konekomaru stands on a train platform, Rin comes up behind him and gets his attention by hitting him in the back of his knee with his own. When Konekomaru turns, asking who they were and why they were doing this, realizes that it is Rin. Rin asks what he is doing there, and Konekomaru explains that he is leaving cram school, as he will only be a danger to himself and others if he stays. Rin manages to convince him not to leave, then yells at the others when they 'interrupt the moment'. He is then forced to carry Konekomaru's bag for him because, as Izumo says, 'that's what friends do isn't it?'.

On Izumo's birthday surprise planning, he and Konekomaru are put on cake duty. When Izumo sees them in the library, Rin jumps out the window, leaving a panicking Konekomaru and telling him that he leaves the rest with him. Later on, he and Konekomaru start creating a cake for Izumo which Konekomaru finds it awkward for he tried to kill Rin while posessed by Gale. However, he sees Rin is not a bad guy and helps him with the cake.

Eventually, Izumo finds out but the party is decided to be about everyone's birthday and friendship. Rin and Konekomaru sucessfully make a cake for everyone. Rin accidentally pushes it over but Konekomaru catches it which Rin thanks for. Rin is the first for a raffle which he gets a bunny and Yukio gets Grocho glasses (which Rin states fits perfectly). However, their happiness is cut short when Yukio gets a call that the monastery they lived him was attacked.

Yukio and Rin ran to the monastery to find it covered in demonic webs and their priest friends covered in a hard cacoon, only having several hours to live. A sign was left in Polish saying "I've never forgive anyone related to Satan" which means Rin. Angry that the priests who took care of him was attacked because of him, Rin runs off to find the one who's causing it. In an alley, Rin is attacked by a masked man who attacked the monastery. Before Rin could use his sword, the masked man covers it in web. The masked man wants Rin to suffer when attacked by Yukio and Shura which the masked man escapes.

Back at the monastery, Rin cannot unsheath the sword due to the web and Yukio rallies up the instructors to find the masked man which he suspects is Igor Neuhus. Rin wants to go after him but Yukio does not, saying he wants to protect his brother from the dangers he could face. Rin runs up but shot by Yukio with a tranquilizing dart. Rin loses consciousness as Yukio leaves the building.

Soon, Rin wakes up who is upset at Yukio and wondering why he's so frantic at protecting him. Rin takes his sword but taked by Shura. Shura tells Rin that he still cannot control his flames and it causes trouble for everyone. She has him proceed to candle training, explaining the candles represent people he is close to the most. Shura explains that if Rin has proper control of his flames, people wouldn't be afraid or worried of him and gain their trust. She gives Rin one chance which Rin concentrates on willpower.

Meanwhile, the masked man has Shima, Suguro, and Konekomaru as hostages and Yukio goes after him. He takes Shima's cellphone and calls Rin, stating he will kill him unless the son of Satan shows up. Yukio intervenes but the masked man traps him in a web and since the deal was broken, the masked man decides to kill the monks and use Yukio as a hostage. Rin and Shura show up which the masked man wraps up Shura and the other Exorcists who try to intervene. Rin dodges the attacks and ignites in blue flame, which burn up the web on the sword. Realizing this, Shura tells Rin to use his flames but Yukio protests. However, Rin listens to Shura and lets out blue flames. Rin's flames do not hurt everyone but burn the webs trapping them to people's surprise. Rin has control over his flames as they are his own power and not Satan's and he shouldn't be consumed by them. Rin unsheathes the sword as the masked man attacked. With one swing, Rin knocks the masked man out the window. Shura goes after the masked man and Rin follows but finds Yukio frustrated as his failure of protecting Rin from all this.

Rin goes outside to find the masked man escaped and Shura has Neuchus captured which he claims the masked man is his wife.

Back at the monastery, Rin is able to free his friends with proper control of his power. Nagatomo tells that Rin has grown up and if only Shiro Fujumoto was there to see it. Then Maruta questions where Yukio went off which Rin questions too.

Kyoto Mission ArcEdit

This arc is exclusive to the manga and possibly does not appear in the anime.

Rin, Shura, and Kuro go to Kyoto to the monk monastary to protect the right eye of the Impure King. They are joined by Rin's classmates who are afraid of him (after discovering he's Satan's son). Only Izumo isn't afraid of Rin, stating that there are humans like him related to demons by blood (only that Rin's father is the most dangerous). During the stay, Rin encounters Suguro's family whose father is the head monk. Eventually, Shima and Konekomaru reconcile with Rin, knowing he's really a good guy.

Rin continues his training to control his flames and was able to manipulate his flames at will. A traitor amongst the monks is discovered where Suguro demands answers from his father. Suguro argues with his dad which makes Rin remember how he told Fujimoto not to act "fatherly" before his death. Rin berates Suguro to apologize to his father. When Suguro refuses, Rin erupts in flames exposing his true nature to the monks. There, Shura renders him unconscious with an imprisonment spell. Rin is put to a prison where Shura gives him a letter from Suguro's father. The letter informs them and Yukio of the Komaken originally belonging in the monastery and that Shiro took it to kill kids (supposingly Rin and Yukio after they were born). He requests Rin to defeat the Impure King whose body is hidden in the temple as Rin's flames are capable of defeating him.

However when Rin tries to unsheath the sword, he cannot where Shura realizes Rin lost his confidence as he lost control of his flames and went on a rampage. Mephisto shows up telling them that Rin is put on a "death sentence" because Shura's spell was used and puts Rin in the strongest prison. Meanwhile, the Impure King is revived so Shura sends his friends to help him. Inside, Rin wonders if he should have been dead and why Shiro let him live. Shiemi manages to get into the prison to save Rin. Fearing her safety, Rin tells her to leave him alone believing he will hurt her. Shiemi refuses where Rin tries to scare her off by igniting his blue flames. Shiemi, realizing how foolish she was, hugs Rin, returning their friendship again. Shiemi gives Rin encouragement to break out of the prison, surprised to find all his friends by his side including Suguro. Suguro tells Rin he will lead him to fight the Impure King as all the monks and exorcists gather for the battle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since childhood, Rin has been physically stronger than most normal people his age, most likely because of his demon heritage. As a natural talent, Rin has shown exceptional cooking capabilities.

Superhuman StrengthEdit

Rin displays his superhuman strengthRin posesses physical strength which is stronger than humans. This is shown when he can easily lift a car, rollercoaster debris (metals), and both his backpack and Shura's (in which Shima ironically comments that Okumura has some demonic strength')

Partial Demon FormEdit

Since releasing his demon powers in a failed attempt to save Fujimoto Shiro, Rin can tap into the power he has inherited from Satan through the Koumaken (降魔剣), or Kurikara (倶利加羅), a blade that was used to seal his powers when he was a child. Koumaken.The sheath acts as a portal to Gehenna (the demon world) which when drawn returns Rin to his demon form. In both his human and demon form, Rin can release incredibly destructive bright-blue flames, which are the trademark of Satan. However, when he draws Koumaken, the magnitude of the flames drastically increases, as well as a decrease in Rin's control over them. Amaimon has stated in his second fight with Rin, that his powers are like "Father's" (Satan). When Rin releases the blade, the greater magnitude of flames often leads to Rin being "consumed" by them, resulting in him become more animalistic and beast-like. As a result, when he loses control, he often goes on a rampage, attacking friend or foe. However, Rin has been shown to stop himself in this form, but only with great difficulty. Rin is currently undergoing training to control his flames. Before going to to fight the Impure King he is shown trying to draw the kurikara however this fails due to his lack of confidence in controlling his powers.

Fire ManipulationEdit

Rin firing his Blue FlamesRin has been shown to be able to use his sword and manipulate his blue flames through emotions as he is seen saving Moriyama from falling debris by making a claw out of his blue flames. Rin is also shown learning to manipulate the flames at will, allowing greater control and not being consumed by it's power. Also Rin is a able to release intense blue flame out of his sword when its swung with great power.

Regenerative AbilitiesEdit

In addition, through his demon powers, his body has shown to have high-speed regenerative abilities. Rin has mentioned that as a child, he always healed very quickly, which he had initially thought was due to his brother Yukio's skills at bandaging him up. His healing rate is so fast that, after getting stabbed in the stomach, he lifted up his shirt only seconds after and showed Yukio that the wound was already closing itself up. He also seems to be immune to the effects of substances created by demons that would cause harm to any normal human. One incident is when he and his classmates were attacked by a monster and were spattered by it's bodily fluids. While everyone around him was suffering the energy-draining effects of the fluids, Rin was completely normal.

Demon TelepathyEdit

Rin can communicate with demons as he understood what Ukobach was saying and able to hear Kuro's thoughts. Possibly because he's the spawn of Satan, the demon of demons.

Canon RelationshipsEdit

Okumura YukioEdit

Rin's younger twin brother. Though as a side joke, it's been mentioned throughout the manga and anime that Yukio is more fit to be the older brother, being that he is the more mature one out of the two.The twins have a close relationship, though it wavers when Yukio was revealed to be an exorcist. However it seems they reconciled. Presently, Rin views Yukio as a friendly rival and is training to surpass him so that they are equals. This can be seen in the manga (Volume 4 Chapter 16) when Rin states to Yukio, "I swear to God I'll surpass you." Which Yukio responded, "Nii-san surpass me...? No that's not going to ever happen... keep that kind of joke to yourself. As you can see, I'm very busy. I can't take care of you forever nii-san."

Fujimoto ShirōEdit

Rin and Yukio's foster father. He took both brothers in after the Blue Night incident 16 years ago. He dies after being possessed by Satan who is trying to capture Rin. Rin refers to him as "My old Man". After his death he is revealed to have been a Paladin. Rin is currently aiming for the same rank to prove to everyone that Shirou made no mistake in saving him. Rin respects Shirou and thinks of him as his actual father.

Moriyama ShiemiEdit

Rin's first friend after joining the True Cross Order. She is initially shy but after seeing Rin make friends she changes and tries to be like him. Rin is also shown to have a slight crush on her. He cares greatly for her that he was able to control himself in demonic form to save Shiemi (in chapter 9/ episode 12) and calm down as Shiemi hugs him when he was out of control again (in episode 16). Even protecting her despite of him in his demon form or transforming at the sight of her hurt but she seems unware of his feelings. After everyone found out about Rin being the son of satan Shiemi seemed to have been ignoring Rin because of fear and her own self reasons. In chapter 26 of the manga, Rin tries to scare Shiemi away in hopes of protecting her by saying he is a monster and breaking out into his blue flames. Instead of running away, Shiemi then embraces Rin and says she was being thoughtless of Rin's feelings.

Suguro Ryūji (nicknamed "Bon")Edit

He is Rin's rival and the prodigy in the class. He was the child of the Cursed Temple which was destroyed by Satan 16 years ago. Bon takes everything seriously and is trying his hardest in order to become an Exorcist powerful enough so he could one day defeat Satan (a goal he claims Rin stole from him) and rebuild his Temple. He respects Rin even though he knows that Rin is the son of Satan but says that if Rin attacks his friends he won't hesitate to kill him.

Renzo ShimaEdit

One of Rin's friends who are from Kyoto. He has gave up on ignoring Rin and started talking with him normally, even after he knew Rin is the son of Satan. Rin considers him "uncool" and Shima is not even on his "Cool List".

Miwa KonekomaruEdit

Konekomaru seems to have a respect for Rin like he does for Ryuji. He acknowledges Rin's strengths and appreciates them fully. Rin made friends with Konekomaru almost straight away like he did with Renzo, even calling him 'Neko-chan' like Ryuji and Renzo do. However, because Konekomaru's parents were both killed on the Blue Night, once they discovered whose son Rin was, Konekomaru became fearful of him. He tries to avoid Rin at all costs, though he still seems to acknowledge Rin's power as he compares Rin to Ryuji.

Kamiki IzumoEdit

Rin's friend. She was the only one who didn't ignore Rin after it was revealed that he is the son of Satan. It is hinted that Izumo may have a crush on Rin. Rin used to call her "Eyebrows" until she told him not to, and so he went by calling her by her first name, Izumo. This caused her to blush, due to the fact that within Japan, calling each other without horofics (-san / -chan) signifies a close relationship (though Rin does not bother to think about it to that extent). He then admits that she is in fact a good friend.

Kirigakure ShuraEdit

She is an Upper First Class Exorcist and Rin's mentor. She trained under the guidance of Fujimoto Shirou to obtain the title "Meister" in Knight and can draw a demon sword from a symbol above her chest when she states "Devour the Seven Princesses, slay the Serpent". Frequently chipper and obnoxious, Shura is carefree about her job, known for drinking and oversleeping. She appears to harbor a dark past, as she claimed Shiro "came and rescued" her.

Mephisto PhelesEdit

He is the Chairman of True Cross Academy and also an Exorcist. After Fujimoto's death Pheles was ordered to kill Rin, however he accepted Rin's proposal in becoming an Exorcist and entered him into True Cross Academy. It has been heavily implied that he is the son of Satan along with his brother, the Earth King, Amaimon.


Amaimon is supposedly the second son of Satan and another Demon Prince of Gehenna. Unlike his father and elder brother Mephisto, Amaimon had little interest in Rin after their first encounter. However, after their second encounter during the forest training, Amaimon grows an interest towards Rin due to his great strength and flames. Rin considers Amaimon to be a strong opponent whom he has to face.

Actions within the LightsourceEdit

Rin Joined the Lightsource as an Assignment from Mephisto who assured him this was training, Rin took it upon himself to become the Castles chef and has made a meal every victory over the Final Words

Rin fought against the minions of Hades in the battle of Istanbul and was the first member to kill an opponent in the Lightsource arena in self defense as his opponent seemed bent on killing him

Relationships in LightsourceEdit

  • Seighart:Rin seems to have both Disdain and Respect for Seighart Regarding him as a wise and powerful leader but also a cocky disrespectful individual and was Ranked Number one on Rin's "Cool dudes According to me list"
  • WoL: Rin and WoL have had very little contact so no friendship or disdain has formed as of yet
  • Haru Glory:Rin and Haru have talked only a few times though they seem to get along well Rin keeping his distance due to the power of the Ten powers being harmful to him
  • Sarge:Sarge was one of Rin's friends in the Castle Rin helping several times in battle and coming up with a plan with him in the Battle of Istanbul after his death Rin went to Olympus with Haru to carry out his last wish
  • Adell:Rin and Adell have Sparred on one occasion though the outcom was never seen as the Security Cameras in the room shut down The two along with Seighart were given the Title;The Three flames of Light by the Asgardians
  • The Monster Hunter Shanik Ryoushi:The Monster Hunter and Rin have never interacted with Eachother


  • Rin used to hide his tail under his shirt.
  • Some demons call Rin a Prince or Young Master due to his heritage.
  • Rin's favorite pastimes are: cooking, sleeping, eating, and spacing out.
  • Rin's favorite manga genres are: Battle/action, comedy and emotional drama.
  • He is surprisingly good with his hands.
  • His cooking repertoire includes a wide variety of Japanese and Western foods.
  • Rin's favorite food is Sukiyaki. Rin's reaction to Sukiyaki.
  • He sleeps 11 hours a day.
  • Despite the fact he's the older brother, he is less mature. He may occasionally turn serious when the moment is crucial but is seen to revert back instantly.
  • People often mistake Rin as the younger brother and Yukio as the older brother due to him not being as mature as Yukio.
  • He has a "Cool Dudes According to Me" ranking in order from coolest to least cool: Father Fujimoto, Bon, Konekomaru, Rin himself, Kuro, and Yukio. Shima doesn't even make the list.
  • Kazue Kato states that the twin brother's names were originally switched around, meaning that Rin's name was meant to be Yukio.
  • The original concept of Rin had a personality that resembled Bon, being able to crush an apple with his fist. He also had a tattoo-like burnt scar on his face but Kato's editor didn't want her to do that.
  • Rin's name means phosphorus in kanji which comes from Greek meaning "light bearer." In Latin it means Lucifer, another name for Satan before he was a fallen angel cast down the heavens.
  • He is born in 1995 according to the job application which was shown in the first episode.