Origin Edit

Sora was a boy who lived on Destiny Islands with his friends Riku and Kairi . He was chosen by the legendary Keyblade to combat the evil Heartless . Sora quickly rose to the challenge and embarked on a journey to save the world . With the help of Donald and Goofy he soon fought his way through countless worlds locating the keyholes . He eventually had to face his own friend Riku who had turned evil under Malificen'ts guidance . Sora saved Kairi and fought Ansem who later turned out to be Xehanort . Sora with the help of King Mickey and the now good again Riku locked away the door to darkness saving the world . Since then Sora has saved the world countless times . Sora is now legendary and famous across worlds all over known as " The Keybearer " .

Reasons for Joining Light Source Edit

Sora joined Light Source because he understands the threat the darkness can possess from experiencing it first hand . He joined along with Donald , Goofy , and Riku . Sora being a warrior of light and a warrior of the heart will be a HUGE threat to the Final Words . He is also never afraid to help Merlin out of any jam he gets into .

Antics within the groupEdit

Sora joined only recently . All the members of Light Source like him and respect him . Everyone knows the valuable role he will play in defeating the Final Words . He is kind to everyone and is ever the optimist .